Sales Tools History Book Package

Web page hosted by us (sample pages)

Ability to take payment via credit card

Storage of printed books at Major Goods

Order payments processed and fulfilled by Major Goods

Book is mailed direct to the customer

Two copies of your book sent to a museum or bookstore of your choice

Inclusion in our History Book Catalog

Also includes 250 business cards!


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Package Price


Cost includes $160 for 12 months of service + $50 setup fee at Major Goods


Web page


We will create a web page on our site for your book. You will be able to receive orders for your book from this page. This is the portal by which you can sell your book at retail cost rather than wholesale, resulting in more profit for you. Your web page will be on the Gorham Printing website. The page would include:

  • A place for customers to order books
  • Ability for you to process payments through PayPal
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Notices from buyers with shipping details to help you fulfill orders
  • Option for Major Goods to fulfill your orders
  • Reviewers’ blurbs about the book

Two copies of your book sent to the museum or bookstore of your choice


We will send two copies of your book (from your order) one for them to keep, and one for them to sell. We will also include information on how they can reach you to purchase additional copies. Remember, museums and bookstores will require a discount off of the cover price of your book, typically around 40%. This contact will include:

  • Two copies of your book
  • Introductory letter
  • Your business card

Inclusion in our History Book Catalog


This catalog will be produced annually, and sent directly to our list of museum bookstores, college libraries and independent bookstores here in the Northwest. This catalog would include an image of your book cover, a blurb about your book and information about how to contact you for orders. The catalog entry will include:

  • Book cover image
  • Detailed description of your book
  • Pricing information and how to buy
  • Web page address

250 business cards


They may seem old-fashioned, but you would be amazed how often your casual conversations can lead to possible sales. This is the perfect opportunity to pass out a card to make it easy for someone to remember how and where to buy your book. The business card will include:

  • Image of the book cover
  • Name and contact info
  • Social media addresses
  • Web page address