Cover Material Options

We utilize premium materials and industry-leading technology to craft covers of exceptional quality. Covers are printed in digital full color and then UV coated or laminated to ensure the highest level of quality and protection.

Cover Paper Stocks

Covers are printed digitally in full color on the outside (sometimes known as 4/0). Printing on the inside of the cover is also available for softcover only in full color (4/4) or in black only (4/1).

10pt C1S

10pt C1S Cover is the most popular paperback cover you will see. It is flexible and easy for readers to handle. The "C1S" stands for "coated on one side." This offers even brighter colors for your cover. It is also the most cost-effect option for your softcover book.

11pt White Cover

A lighter alternative to our standard C1S stock, 11pt White Cover is a pliable stock that matches our white interior paper. It has a smooth finish and gives each book a delicate look and feel.

11pt Natural Cover

This stock is a great match for books utilizing our natural interior paper. The 11pt Natural Cover combines the pliability of our 11pt cover stock with the warm tones of our natural paper.

12pt C1S

12pt C1S Cover is great to add extra thickness to your paperback cover. Just like the 10pt C1S it is "coated on one side" to offer great color to any paperback book. It is a sturdy strong cover and pairs great with any cover finish option. It is our thickest cover option for softcover and spiral bound books.

Printed Hardcovers & Dustjacket Stocks

For printed hardcover books covers and dustjackets, we use 100# white paper stock.

book cover paper example
book dustjacket paper picture

Cover Finish Options

We offer three standard finishes to protect the printed surface of your cover.

UV Coating

UV Coating is a liquid solution that is cured using ultraviolet and infrared lights. This cost-effective option gives your cover a glossy shine and helps protect against curling.

Gloss Lamination

Gloss Lamination is a reflective film overlay that gives your cover a polished look. This finish provides increased shine and surface protection.

Matte Lamination

Matte Lamination is a film overlay that provides a more muted look for your book. The soft, velvety texture of this cover finish is sure to make your book stand out from the crowd.

book printing cover treatment
book printing quality examples

Cloth Hardcover Options

Cloth covers impart a sophisticated look and feel to your hardcover book. We offer 11 ArrestoxB bookcloth colors across two textures. Vellum fabrics are solid, whereas linens have a subtle woven texture. Colors shown are approximations and may appear different on your final books.

cranberry linen hardcover cloth

Cranberry Linen

scarlet vellum hardcover cloth

Scarlet Vellum

hunter vellum hardcover cloth

Hunter Vellum

fern linen hardcover cloth

Fern Linen

blue canvas linen hardcover cloth

Blue Canvas Linen

blue ribbon linen hardcover cloth

Blue Ribbon Linen

hickory linen hardcover cloth

Hickory Linen

canvas linen hardcover cloth

Canvas Linen

black vellum hardcover cloth

Black Vellum

chili pepper linen hardcover cloth

Chili Pepper Linen

flare vellum hardcover cloth

Flare Vellum

Imitation Leather

Cloth covers can be upgraded to imitation leather. We offer 5 standard imitation leather colors. Imitation leather has a smooth, marbled texture. Colors shown are approximations and may appear different on your final books.

dark red hardcover leather

Dark Red
1804 MN

blue hardcover leather

Medium Blue
1846 MN

green hardcover leather

Medium Green
1835 MN

dark brown hardcover leather

Dark Brown
1869 KL

black hardcover leather

1875 MN

Foil Stamping

Each cloth cover includes creation of a custom die for stamping the front cover and spine. Dies can be stamped in gold, silver or matte black foil or one of our premium custom colors. Pricing depends on the square inches of the die. Foil-stamped cloth covers look great by themselves but can also be upgraded with a ribbon marker or dustjacket.

hardcover book foil stamping
custom hardcover book embossing

Cover Material Details

We can mail you a paper sample booklet to see exactly what our papers look and feel like.

Premium Cover Add-ons

Want to make your book stand out? We offer a range of custom add-ons to help enhance your cover, including 3D Spot UV, metallic printing and inside cover printing. Check out our list of premium add-ons.

Hardcover Book Endsheets

All our hardcover books include two endsheets, one in the front and one in the back. Their function is to help hold the bound book block to the front and back cover.


Our primary paper stocks are FSC, SFI and Rainforest Alliance certified. This means the production of our stocks passes a high level of scrutiny from multiple independent organizations devoted to responsible sourcing. We also recycle 100% of the byproduct from both our paper processing as well as our printer waste (toner, toner cartridges, parts, etc). We use energy efficient digital presses by Canon, who recently earned the EPA’s Energy Star Partner of the Year award.

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