Sales Tools FAQ

Q. How quickly are my customer orders processed?

A. All orders received for Customer's goods shall be processed within 1 business day by Fulfillment Center.


Q. Where can I find tracking numbers for my customer orders?

A. You will have 24-hour access to your Major Goods account at the Fulfillment Center where you can obtain tracking numbers for your orders.


Q. Do my books have to be printed by Gorham Printing to qualify for Sales Tools Services?

A. Yes. Your books need to be printed by Gorham Printing to be eligible for the Sales Tools Services.


Q. Can I use Order Fulfillment without having a web page on Gorham

A. Yes. You can contract with Major Goods for website integration to place a Buy Button on your website and have your orders shipped from the Fulfillment Center. You will need to contact them directly to obtain this service.


Q. What are the shipping rates?

A. Shipping Methods and Rates: Fulfillment Center currently offers two shipping options for Customer's orders.

These rates are charged to the Customer's order recipient ("Buyer") during the checkout and payment process of goods.

  • Standard Shipping is $7.99, media mail delivery within 5-10 business days from the ship date. Additional quantities of the same book added to the same order are $4.00 each.
  • Expedited Shipping is $9.99, delivery within 2-5 business days from the ship date. Additional quantities of the same book added to the same order are $5.00 each.

Q. Can I add wholesale pricing to my Booksite?

A. At this time Booksite is for retail sales only. When placing your book printing order, we recommend that you retain a percentage of your book inventory to offer at trade discounts to resellers or friends and family.


Q. How are returns handled?

A. Order returns are the responsibility of the Customer. The Customer is also responsible for refunding the order recipient Shipping Method fee charged by Fulfillment Center, if applicable, using their own funds. In no case shall Fulfillment Center be responsible for refunding the Shipping Method fee unless the original shipment was made in error by Fulfillment Center. For a book return fee of $3 per book Fulfillment Center can provide the processing of orders returned on behalf of Customer. Customer will need to contact Fulfillment Center for an estimate. Please see the Major Goods Pricing Addendum for a complete list of services and prices.


Q. Do you ship outside the USA?

A. No. But we do ship to US Territories.


Q. Can customers request COD?

A. No. That is not included in this service.


Q. How many books do I need to keep in inventory?

A. Major Goods will keep a certain amount of days of stock based on how many books are sold, based on projections of books sold. They try to keep enough stock to last 60 days.


Q. How will I know if I am out of books?

A. An email alert is sent to you when your stock goes below your pre-determined inventory replenishment levels to give you an opportunity to reprint books.


Q. Can I still participate in selling through Amazon with this system?

A. Yes. You can sell your book through your Gorham Printing webpage while also maintaining an Amazon listing.


Q. Can the Fulfillment House ship to Amazon?

A. Yes. Major Goods can ship to Amazon. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) $25 Shipment Preparation Fee + $0.20 per book labeling fee. Customer can provide Fulfillment Center with all necessary label data or Fulfillment Center can create shipment for Customer using their Seller Central account if given appropriate user access by Customer. Inserts or other similar preparation work is $0.30 per book. if you are having additional services like stickering or inserts. Gorham Printing will also ship partial or full orders directly to Amazon from our shop at regular shipping rates.


Q. Do you handle Amazon stickering?

A. Yes. $0.20 per book.


Q. Do you handle inserts?

A. Yes. $0.30 per book.


Q. Is mobile ordering with Square available for tradeshow, back-of-room-sales at speaking events?

A. No, you must use PayPal Here, a moblie card reader that will send orders through PayPal for your orders to be filled. For any other questions see Major Goods Terms of Service.

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