Store & Ship books with Sales Tools

Booksite + Store & Ship

How it works:

  • At no cost, we will deliver boxes of your books to local fulfillment company Major Goods
  • They will securely store your books in their warehouse
  • When a buyer clicks the Buy Button on your page, the order is sent directly to Major Goods
  • They will pull your book from their shelves, pack it and ship it directly to the customer
  • A one-time setup fee of $170 ($120 for Booksite and $50 for Store & Ship) will get you started!
  • If you already have a website, but you would like fulfillment services, you may sign up directly with Major Goods.
Take the hassle out of storing books, filling orders and shipping out to customers

Straightforward terms and fees

Some major fulfillment services are notorious for confusing terms & conditions and hidden fees that ultimately eat into (or eliminate) your profits. Stay out of that jungle!


We are here to help

From PayPal account set up to details about packaging, there are humans on the other end of our toll-free telephone number to answer your questions and address your concerns.


Only pay for what you need

You might want to fill orders and ship from home, but still need a web page with a Buy Button. Not sure which of our Sales Tools will suit you best? Give us a call to discuss your unique project.

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