Book Storage and Shipping

Orders will be fulfilled by Major Goods

Books will be stored at Major Goods

Order payments processed by Major Goods

Affordable and dependable shipping

Integrate with a website you already have

Info on complete service at Sales Tools Package



Already have a website,
but want to add fulfillment?

To fulfill book orders from your own website, Major Goods can integrate your online order system with their fulfillment system. Email Major Goods for details.



Not having to store books will allow you to save money per book by ordering larger print quantities.

Leaving the order fulfillment to us will allow you to spend more time promoting your book.

If you already have a website that takes orders, you can have orders filled directly from your own site.


Author will arrange fulfillment services directly through Major Goods signing up with them, per their instructions. (An initial non-refundable setup fee of $50 to Major Goods will cover the system, warehouse, and fulfillment process integration.)

Costs for website integration will vary depending on work involved and will need to be negotiated directly with Major Goods. (Work is charged hourly at $95 per hour).

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