Sales Tools for Books

Simple solutions for online selling,
book inventory storage and order fulfillment.


We'll build a web page

Avoid the hassle, expense, and difficulty of purchasing a domain and maintaining a website


Maximize your book profits

Books can be purchased from your buy button with a credit card or PayPal account.


Let someone else store and ship

Safe and secure storage for your books, and shipment direct to customers.


Book fulfillment partnership

We have teamed up with local fulfillment company Major Goods Inc. to store, process payments and ship books direct to your customers.



Book Storage

Safe and secure storage of your book inventory.

Warehouse Delivery

No intermediary shipping costs to the fulfillment house.


Packing materials available at a discounted price.

"Just the service I've been seeking! My office is filled with boxes of books, and I've wanted to make them available for sale online. It's a hassle to ship them to buyers who might want to buy a copy. Now, with Gorham Printing, it's all taken care of: ordering, shipping, and collecting payment. I just print the books and keep the profits."

—Julie Zander

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