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Random Ramblings of an Old Geezer (Softcover, 268 pages)
Memories of the Good Old Days
Author: Raymond Evans

This book of short stories is about a lifetime compressed into a few pages. Being a compilation of short stories the will be most enjoyed by reading one, two, or perhaps three at a time, much like th ...(more)
In Heaven! (Softcover, 260 pages)
Experiencing The Throne Of God
Author: Dean Braxton

When I first arrived in heaven and knelt before Jesus, all I could do was say, “YOU DID THIS FOR ME?!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU!! ” I could have said th ...(more)
The Fateful Fourth (Softcover, 400 pages)
The Story of America's Worst Trolley Disaster
Author: Russell Holter

This book will look at the socio-economic conditions which led to the City of Tacoma hosting a grand Independence Day celebration at the dawning of the 20th Century. The special events planned dur ...(more)
Saving Daisy (Softcover, 228 pages)
A Collection of Short Stories
Author: Rob Barbee

In this collection of stories, Rob Barbee has created a coterie of memorable characters: good people whose ill-timed choices lead to volatile situations. In the title story, a young woman is jilted b ...(more)